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WJA transforms the life of another family.

DeSean showed a lot of courage when he joined the inaugural Debate Team two years ago. Though he liked debate and thought he might be good at it, DeSean knew that joining a new activity could be a risk and would take a lot of work. As a student of the Academy, however, he was open to growth. DeSean was intentional in seeking help and guidance from his debate coaches Mr. T.J. Tondorf and Mr. Charlie Steele. He was disciplined in his approach to debate preparation. He contributed to his team’s debate research. Eventually, DeSean's teachers noticed a transformation. He became more social, more verbal, more expressive in his academics as well as debate.

WJA teachers encourage students like DeSean to take on new challenges. Year after year, they see how courage in extra-curricular activities and sports translates to confidence in the classroom. And as for DeSean, now an 8th grader: "He has emerged as a leader in his class," says Mr. Tondorf, "And he continues to push himself to new levels of success."